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I've been making video games since I was about 10 years old.

One day, after returning home from my boring desk job, I "invented" Internet Solitaire for all my friends at work to enjoy.

Within a month, I began to notice complete strangers around the office playing my solitaire game. Within a year, I quit my job to make games full-time. And within a decade, I had grown my business, 24/7 Games, into a global gaming community of over 10.5 million players, and 270 titles.

A lot has changed in the past decade, but my mission remains the same...

" Cure Boredom, One Game at a Time!"


24/7 GAMES

2010 - PRESENT

247 games

24/7 Games makes Free "Timeless" Games that never go out of style: the kind played, generationally, between parent and child. Although we're just a small studio, we've amassed a dedicated audience of over 300,000 daily active users.

My role: game designer, producer

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star carnage title screen

Just before the collapse of a not-so-parallel universe...

Humanity is on the brink of extinction when an immense god-like creature invades the galaxy, destroying entire planets in its wake. As the captain of the Last Human Starship, you must engage in epic space battles, befriend or destroy aggressive alien species, and customize your mothership with the latest (and sometimes ancient) technology--all while searching the stars for a way to save the universe from certain, imminent destruction.

Star Carnage is a roguelike action RPG cast in the image of The Ur Quan Masters (Star Control 2). It lives in an expansive, procedurally-generated universe with hundreds of stars and thousands of planets that change every time you play. It is currently in the final throes of development, and looking for testers!

My role: game designer, artist, musician, writer, developer (JavaScript)--everything!



roguemon title screen

In 199X: Pretendo Games (TM) commissioned the next generation of Family Friendly Monsters. But, upon review, all monsters were summararily rejected, and then deleted "for the public good."

Decades later, new evidence suggests that these monsters escaped deletion, and have gone...Rogue: seeking revenge upon the world for which they were both created and destroyed.

RogueMon is a Retro Roguelike RPG that will tickle your funny bone! RogueMON elevates the classic monster-catching experience to adulthood with new timing-based mechanics, randomly-generated dungeons and boatloads of Not Safe For Work hilarity.

My role: game designer, writer, developer (ActionScript 3), producer

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bird brawl title screen

Bird Brawl is the avian love-child of Angry Birds and Super Smash Brothers. Destroy evil robots and power-up with their "Golden Eggs." Don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers: battle or play co-op with up to 4 Players at a time in this winner-takes-all Bird Battle Royale!

Originally developed as a 4-player battle royal, Bird Brawl amassed a cult following of several thousand regular users, circa 2010. Unfortunately, as of 2020, the peer-to-peer mechanism (Adobe Stratus) that it once used is no longer supported. But the single-player version of the game is still available to play, online.

Someday, I'll get the multiplayer working again...

My role: game designer, developer (ActionScript 3), producer



In the distant future, Humanity is a footnote. And the known universe is at peace. Until one day...

A species of intelligent, self-replicating space probes invades the galaxy, consuming all matter in their path. These harbingers of destruction threaten the fragile peace amongst the stars they invade. Old wounds are re-opened amongst the aliens of "The Galactic Union," as they struggle to fend off this new foreign invader, who warn of the impending arrival of their wayward god, the "Epoch Star."

Epoch Star is a space action rpg developed as a throwback to older space epic games such as Star Control 2 and Starflight. With a deep story line with a huge galaxy and extensively developed content, Epoch Star exhibits 20 Star Systems, 200 Ships, and over 800 devices and weapons.

Epoch Star was featured in Game Informer Magazine (issue 156), and was nomimated for an award at the Slamdance Guerilla Games Competition

My role: game designer, artist, writer

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bashy birds intro

It only takes one button to smash these hordes of oncoming chickens. But, timing and strategy are everything! Knock back the stragglers with an early punch to create massive waves of poultry, and achieve self-actualization through their simultaneous, squishy demise.

Bashy Birds, developed late 2013, is a cathartic parody of the viral game Flappy Bird, and was originally released on the Apple App and Google Play stores. It is now available on the web.

My role: game designer, developer (ActionScript 3), producer

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infinite ur quan masters starmap

Infinite Ur Quan Masters is an open-source project dedicated to preserving The Ur Quan Masters (Star Control 2) by making it much more replayable.

After discovering that the (previously released) source code was no longer in a single location on the internet, I tracked down its pieces, and made it available in a single download, complete with a stand-alone compiler that will allow players and fans to continue enjoying this game in perpetuity.

Finally, I created my own mod, which randomizes the universe every time you start a new game--allowing the player to enjoy Ur Quan Masters every time, like the first time

My role: mod developer (C)



flappy beak intro

Flappy Beak was made to replace "Flappy Bird" shortly after the viral game was taken off the Apple App Store, mid-2013. Originally on the Google Play and Apple App Stores, it can now be played on the web

My role: game designer, developer (ActionScript 3), producer

flappy beak gameplay 1 flappy beak gameplay 2


If you need to talk to me because you have an idea, want to leave feedback, or are just interested in chatting-it-up, please reach me via email or available social media platforms.

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